Happy New Year 2017

On behalf of the board of TXv6TF, I want to wish everyone a happy, safe and productive 2017. So much has happened in the IPv6 world since our first meeting in 2009. In the US, IPv6 deployments continue to accelerate as organizations refresh their networks and Service Providers improve their service offerings.

This is happening around the world as well at different rates (some faster than the US, some slower). Today, I can use resources that run totally over IPv6, some are mixed and a shrinking few are still IPv4 only. I hope to see that last group fade quickly as the days pass.

As for the plans for 2017, watch this space!

Happy New Year 2016!

I want to wish all readers a Happy New Year!

I wanted to let you all know that we had an important change in 2015. Stephan Lagerholm, who founded TXv6TF with me, has moved on to new opportunities. Replacing him is Jeff Carrell who was elected to the board and serves in 2016 as Vice Chairman.

We hope to have more to share with what we are planning for 2016.

Your thoughts are always welcome. Please email info@txv6tf.org.

Announcing the 2014 Global IPv6 Forum Summit

The event will be March 27 and 28, 2014 in Richardson, Texas on the campus of the University of Texas at Dallas.  Feature keynote speakers are Vinton G. Cerf and Latif Ladid. Other confirmed speakers include Tim Martin, Owen DeLong, Jeff Carrell, Stephen Lagerholm,Ravi Prakash and Jeff Doyle. More are being added as they are confirmed. Registration for the event will be free at the TXv6TF web site, www.txv6tf.org.