YouTube Available on IPv6

According to Network World, YouTube became available via IPv6 in late January. Unfortunately, it is unclear how to get access to this version of the service. There is no specific url published in that article that displays the YouTube home page and some quick DNS probes of the domain do not turn up any AAAA records.

If you use IPv6 and YouTube and find the “majic” to reach it over IPv6, please comment on this posting.

Comcast Announces IPv6 Plans for 2010

John Jason Brzozowski from Comcast just posted an important note to NANOG concerning Comcast’s plans for IPv6. Since Comcast is the incumbent provider in Houston, Texas, it seemed relevant to bring that to the attention of the TXv6TF audience.

The details of Comcast’s plans are available at There is also a version of their portal now operational at on IPv6.

TXv6TF welcomes this activity and encourages the other cable providers that serve Texas to make known any initiatives they may have for 2010.